How To Install Our 7" LED Headlights

Our 7" Headlight will use the same 3-prong plug that's OEM to your vehicle. There are 2 leads for the Halo. This gives you the option to wire the Halo to stay White while your headlights are on, or you can have it blink in Amber Color as a Turn Signal.

When you use the Halo as a blinker, the Halo will illuminate in color white. When you use your turn signal, the Halo color will change from white to Amber and blink. When you're done turning, the color will return to white and stop blinking.

The Blinker Relay is built-in to the light. You do not need an LED Blinker relay. 

Our 7" LED headlights are built with a sturdy cast aluminum housing and sealed in a weatherproof polycarbonate lens structure. 

  1. In order to fit 7” LED Lights into your OEM headlight bucket, the back portion of the bucket will need to be cut off in order to allow clearance for the heatsink on the back of the LED headlight. The photo on the top shows where to cut with arrows and a line going all the way around.  

    2. Cutting can be performed with a hack saw, band saw, cut off wheel, or similar cutting tool. Once a rough cut is complete, the raw edge can be sanded or filed smooth.

    3. Test fit your new 7” Led Lights to ensure proper fitment. Once happy with how it fits, it can then be primered and painted to keep from rusting.  The headlight bucket is now ready to receive the 7” LED headlight.


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  • Tony STROMAN

    I just purchased the 7 inch halo headlights for my 79 camaro I ran the drl white wire to my front green wire and the yellow turn signal wire to my blue wire everything worked fine on the front lights until I looked at the back lights and they didn’t work. When I hit the turn signal the back lights blink hazard can both the yellow and the drl be hooked up at the same time ? What am I doing wrong …

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