Hood Pins are recommended for all Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass hoods and are a good idea for steel hoods in race applications. Our hoods are bolt on hoods, just like the steel ones, but the threaded inserts are imbedded into them (as opposed to being trapped or welded in, in the case of steel hoods). Hood pins should be used as a precautionary measure. We recommend them at the front corners of the hood as an extra measure of safety in case the latch gives out. Of course, it is up to you if you want to use them or not, but we suggest that you do for safety reasons. If the car is only for show, they may not be needed.

Yes, there are metal threaded inserts molded into our hoods to accept stock or billet hinges and latches.

All of our parts can be used with steel parts (for instance, our vent delete cowl panel with a steel hood).
They fit like original steel parts but weigh much less.

They mount just like the originals and include stainless button head screws, so they don't have any other mounting hardware. You can see some pictures of them on cars on this site. They are only adjustable by disassembling them and cutting them down to shorten or you can order them in any length you want for an additional $25 charge.

With the exception of an occasional bad part, our parts are very straight and do not warp in the sun unless undue stress is applied to them (ie, too strong hinge springs). If you get a part that does not line up correctly and is not due to tweaked body work on your car, we will take the part back and give you another one or refund your money.

You would need two of our Cowl Vent Screens for our Bare Hood, one for either side of the rear frame.
Only one is required for our other standard Cowl Induction Hoods with full frame and cowl.

Yes, they will fit stock sized 1st Gen Camaro Cowl Induction Hoods.

It has a perimeter frame that has a finish much like the top side. The middle area is a satin finish carbon fiber which is just the under side of the top skin.

Our Carbon Fiber Hoods are typically lighter in weight and more stable than Fiberglass Hoods on the market. The fit and finish are second to none.

Our products can be painted. Initially you would scuff sand the surface, primer and paint and then clear coat it. The process is much like that of painting over cured automotive paint.

The Front Spoiler does not come predrilled because it allows people to mount them in different ways. They can be mounted like the original but the holes need to be drilled. You would basically place them and mark where the holes would go. Using a regular, sharp drill will work. Make sure the part is set on a block of wood when drilling and don't go too fast. Sometimes it is a good idea to drill smaller holes than is needed and file out as necessary.

The 100% carbon is a bit stronger and lighter. There is no gap between the spoiler and the deck lid. There is very little gap at the quarter panel that is filled by the neoprene pad attached to the bottom of the spoiler ends.ers.

It's an exact replica of the steel hood-it's a 2" cowl hood. The only slight difference is in the wall thickness. Our hood is around .070" whereas the steel hood is .020", although our hoods weigh much less than steel hoods.

No, but you can purchase our CF hood for $699 and cut out the understructure yourself.

Yes, or to a steel trunk lid.


The little raised parts on the leading surface of our spoilers are actually just molded in raised teardrop shapes that allow more "meat" for the studs underneath. This is needed because our spoilers fit flush to the deck rather than being raised up like the factory ones. They give a racy and more purposeful, custom look to our spoilers. Our spoilers come with neoprene pads for the ends that overlap the quarter panels.

All of our parts have a UV clear coat on them, but if you paint off parts, you will need to scuff sand the surface first, therefore you would need to reclear coat with a UV clear.

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