How To Wire Our 7" LED Headlights With Turn Signal

Installing 7 inch headlights with turn signals on a vehicle can be a great way to improve visibility and safety while driving. In this article, we will go over the steps for wiring these headlights using a stock wire harness and T-tap connectors (optional).

The first step in the process is to tap into your stock wire harness. This can be done by cutting off the connector that was used on your factory turn signal and stripping the wires. Next, you will need to connect the leads from the LED light to the corresponding wire. One option for doing this is to use T-tap connectors, which do not require any soldering. T-tap connectors are available for purchase on our website here, such as the 22-18 AWG T-tap connectors.

Once you have the T-tap connectors in place, you can begin connecting the wires from the LED headlights. The wire for the white halo light is usually red or white, and should be connected to the wire that lights up your parking lights. The wire lead that lights up the halo yellow is usually a yellow wire and should go to the wire for your turn signal.

To light up the driving light, you can either tap into your headlight wires, or wire them to a separate circuit with a separate switch to turn them on separately from the headlights. This will give you more control over your headlights and allow you to turn on the driving lights when needed, without having to turn on your headlights.

Note: it's important to check your local laws and regulations before making changes to your vehicle's lighting system.

In summary, installing 7 inch headlights with turn signals is a simple process that can be done by tapping into your stock wire harness and using T-tap connectors. Connect the white halo light to the parking light wire, the yellow halo light to the turn signal wire and the driving light to either headlight wires or a separate circuit. Make sure to check the local laws and regulations before making any modifications.

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