2 Inch Cowl Induction Hood

      1967 - 1969 2" Cowl Induction Hood (OEM Style). Our bolt on hood is made with 3/8"-16 threading for Hood Hinges, and 5/16"-18 for the Hood Latch. Our cowl induction hood is less than half the weight compared to an original steel hood.

      Full Carbon Fiber - Full Carbon Top Skin, Full Carbon Understructure, with matching finish in either Satin or Gloss.

      Carbon Fiber / Fiberglass - Full Cabron Top Skin, while the Understructure is Smoothed Fiberglass with no Visible Fiberglass Fibers. Top Skin will have a Gloss or Satin finish, while the Understructure will be finished in primer for paint.

      *Use only light duty gas or coil springs. 

      *While our Hood is a Bolt-on, Hood Pins are recommended for extra safety, but not required.

      1 product

      1 product