1966 - 1967 Nova Flat Hood (Blemish)
1966 - 1967 Nova Flat Hood (Blemish)
1966 - 1967 Nova Flat Hood (Blemish)
1966 - 1967 Nova Flat Hood (Blemish)
1966 - 1967 Nova Flat Hood (Blemish)

1966 - 1967 Nova Flat Hood (Blemish)

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Our Flat Hood for 1966 - 1967 Nova is a "Bolt on" hood. Our Hood weights less than half compared to an original steel hood. The Hood will use your stock hood latch and hinges. 

Visually, the Carbon Fiber/Fiberglass variant looks like the Carbon Fiber hood on the top and like the fiberglass hood at the bottom, painted black.

Thank you for considering our product. We want to provide full transparency regarding the condition of the item you are interested in. Please note the following important details before making your purchase:

  • Blemishes: The product may have a few blemishes, which are minor imperfections or marks on the clear coat. These blemishes are cosmetic in nature and do not affect the functionality or performance of the product. Located on the top passenger side corner.
  • All Sales Final: Once purchased, the product is considered sold as-is, and all sales are final. Due to the disclosed blemishes, we are unable to offer returns, exchanges, or refunds for this particular item. We encourage you to carefully review the product description and accompanying images to ensure that you are satisfied with its condition before making your purchase.

Due to the size of this item, it can only be shipped via freight. If you would like to place an order, please send us an email and include any other parts you wish to order.

Hood pins are recommended.
Use only light duty gas or coil springs
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