1969 Camaro Doors Outer Skins (Left and Right)

1969 Camaro Doors Outer Skins (Left and Right)


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Our 1969 Camaro Door Skins are a great way to shave exterior weight and keep your original interior.


*Door Skin has no Recess for Door Handle and is not Pre-drilled. Our Outer Skins are ready for Shaved handles or could be drilled to accept aftermarket door handles. 

You will need an Original 1969 or Custom 1969 Camaro Door to use our Carbon Door Skin. 

*Using Automotive Adhesive and a Grinder, you will Cut / Grind the welds to your door to remove the door skin from the original door. From there, apply your adhesive and secure your Carbon Door skin to your Original Steel Door Skeleton.