Anvil Splitter Rods (Support Strut)
Anvil Splitter Rods (Support Strut)
Anvil Splitter Rods (Support Strut)

Anvil Splitter Rods (Support Strut)


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What are splitter rods? They are stanchions that support a thin aerodynamic plane like a horizontal "splitter" that is secured to the bottom of a front spoiler to manage the air around the car at speed to keep the front of the car planted to the road. The force caused by the buildup of air can push the splitter down, so adding these rods for support are designed to keep a cataclysmic failure of the splitter from happening.
They can also be used on custom rear spoiler extensions to support it from being broken off or bent down when the car is traveling at a high speed.

Our proprietary splitter rods are designed to be easy to install with our "quick-lock" connection system (tested to hold over 500 lbs.) and just as easy to fine tune to just the right length. They are also much stronger than aluminum splitters and will last a long time. Available in natural stainless steel or black coated stainless steel.

Just cut the rod to the length you need, leaving enough to insert into the receiver and adjust the threaded swivel end to make it as tight as you need it! Maximum overall length is calculated with thread adjustment extended with 5 threads engaged and 3/4" of rod/cable inserted. Full insertion of rod/cable is 1", so when cut to desired length, leave 3/4"-1" more to be inserted into receiver. If rod/cable is cut down so only 1" is left, then minimum overall length is achieved at 4.83"

With the purchase of four or more splitter rods, you'll receive a complimentary release tool at no extra cost!

Sold in quantities of one.