Titanium Hood Adjusters Kit

Titanium Hood Adjusters Kit


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Our kit comes with the following:

  • Two 7/16" - 14 x 1-7/16" Titanium Hood Adjusters
  • Three 5/16" - 18 x 1-3/8" Titanium Hood Adjusters

    Anvil Titanium Hood Adjusters are machined from Grade 5 ( 6Ai - 4V ) Titanium. Our Titanium Hood Stops are Strong, Light Weight, and have a Higher Resistance to Corrosion. Each Hood Stop base is machined in the same style as our Anvil Titanium Hardware Washers, so that every piece matches. Two styles to chose from.

    Our Hood Stops are Machined from titanium and does not use any off the shelf parts you'd purchase from a hardware supplier.